Learning is a process . . . we all agree on that.
As a matter of fact, we talk about the writing process, the silent period in the acquisition of spoken language, reading as a process, and so on. What's more, every time we assess our students, we give feedback on their learning process

What about ours?
I would like to open a door to a new habit, that of reflecting on our learning process. We can start wherever we want, but the idea is to think about the difficulties we face, our weaknesses, the strategies we use to move on. . .
Later on we will write a weekely journal on this, but right now I invite you to discuss.

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Hi girls.
It is difficult to reflect on our learning process since we all think we are doing everything well. And, if we consider our mood when the teacher gives us the feedback, the situation is even worse. All this took me to therapy, and luckily I've learned that I'm not the only one who suffers from
depression- at least... depression for going to the Institution.
My process of learning is going down, sometimes the falling is slow and other times,fast. I haven't felt that my learning process increased lately, but I have to confess that it is my faul. I don't feel like sitting at weekends reading as I used to do. I do, but my "engine" is out of work, so I have to make a terrible effort to go on. My psychologist told me that I'll be better soon, I hope so. I know that all this has to do with me myself. Sorry for that.
I think the biggest difficulty one may find when trying to learn something is stopping the process itself. For example, sometimes when I am writing an essay I simply can not get it right. As a consequence I leave for later. But usually I do not finish it at all.
Lately, I have learned myself that there are some things we must try and try, until we finally get things to work.
I see we may get stuck in this issue, and that would prevent us from reflecting about something as important as our learning process. I invite you to visit this web page to have a look at a diagram that will help in this reflection process.
I think that all processes take a lot of time. This year my process of writing is not working very well.I can not organized myself. All my time is consumed by the practicas. But, I 'm trying to overcome my difficulties. We have two months yet. So, I will do my best.I`m rying to devote more time to languague 4, to take time to check and correct the previous pieces of writing before startning a new one.I know what are my limitations and I will work to overcome them.
Administrators moved the diagram, here is the link to see it:
Hola !!! Soy docente de Lengua y Literatura de nivel medio y una amante de la informática. Por mis años de experiencias con estudiantes adolescente creo que no hay una fórmula única para aprender ( y enseñar, claro) La base del conocimiento es fundamental pero también cierta intuición para transmitir valores significativos para el estudiante. Me pasa a mí cuando debo aprender algo nuevo, sin la motivación no se puede aprender nada, y a veces esa es la parte más difícil del proceso
Saludos a todos y es un gusto formar parte de esta comunidad...... Desde Argentina los saluda Claudia

I view learning as a life-long process.  I think we can learn something new everyday, whether it about ourselves or others.  Something as little as realizing that you need to be more patient in certain situations can be considered learning.  I think it is also important to learn how each of our students work and what makes them tick so that we can interact with them to the best of our ability.  Writing in a journal or blogging can be great ways to learn about ourselves and reflect on what we are learning.    


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