I know all of you have a Facebook account , but as educators have you ever wondered how we can better benefit from this social network in our teaching ? I have been working on a paper in this regard and I want to share with you its findings. Check out 

Reasons Why Facebook is Revolutionizing Education

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I think that incorporating facebook into the classroom is a brilliant idea.  I like the concept of creating a facebook classroom page.  Social media is an integrated into our everyday lives and there is no reason to incorporate something that students are confident about in the classroom.  Like the article states the classroom page gives students the opportunity to share there work with other students. 

I've tried so many different websites for my classroom and really liked some of them, but it was always a struggle to get the students to visit the sites.  Class Facebook pages solved that problem.  Just about all of my students are on Facebook already.  This way they get instant notification about things I post.  I can put up links and documents for them to download as well.  They respond to each others' comments on the page much more readily than they did on the other websites.

I'm lucky to be in a school that doesn't block Facebook.  I can't understand why a school would block it, in fact.   Are we not preparing students for a world in which they will have access to many different things and need to learn the 'right time, right place" lesson?

Such a great idea Sir Med!

Our school has no provision for computers to be used during science class in a 1:1 ratio (student:computer).  But, to teach  using computers in class, we must request for a day or for an hour to specifically use our computer room.  That is, I wanna try this quarter if so plausible enough.   

I admire most your suggestion to use facebook in class.

I do pray for a successful class as I try.

Good day Sir Med!

- Rolan (of Quirino High School, Quezon City Metro Manila, Philippines)

This was interesting! It is amazing how Facebook known as a social network can be beneficial for education. I’m really surprised with articles such as “Reasons Why Facebook is Revolutionizing Education” that an education version of Facebook hasn’t been created yet. I know that schools and teachers in Las Vegas, NV are using a site, Edmodo, which is very similar to Facebook. This site allows for the pros of Facebook listed to be used with a more educational focus and helps eliminate some of the cons since it is focused on education and not strictly on socializing.  

Another pro that I’ve heard about for teachers who are using Facebook for education is having students create Facebook pages for characters from books, historical figures, etc. Students are able to show what they have learned about that person’s life, personality, accomplishments, education, etc. in a 21st century way. When I first heard about this I thought it would be such a fun and creative assignment that allowed students to use technology that students are already interested in but now in a educational way.

Please consider to participate to a special conference on this topic: Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching (SMART 2013): http://smart2013.edusoft.ro

Being such a young educator (22), I can see why teachers out there would like to use Facebook in the classroom. Facebook does seem like a good tool to use with students since it is something that they recognize and can navigate around the website. I see a con for using Facebook at schools since a lot of school systems have the website blocked because they don't see it as a learning tool. An idea that I haven't seen talked about is the website edmodo. It's has a facebook look, but it specifically for educators to communicate with their students and parents. It's great to see so many educators have the urge to use more technology and social media in the classroom. Whatever we can do to get these students more involved I'm all for it!


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