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Dr. Gary Lopez, CEO


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The NROC Project


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Oregon, USA


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Secondary and Post-Secondary Educators


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Personalized learning for college math readiness


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For decades students without the math skills needed to enter college have faced “remediation,” an often long, but seldom successful series of courses aimed at making them college ready. For nearly all that face it, remediation seems like a waste of time and money, a detour in progress toward their future. Remediation has often been a “one-size-fits-all arbitrary bar that everyone needs to jump over. Rarely has college math remediation recognize the specific learning needs of each student, or the different knowledge requirements of programs or degrees they are seeking.


Imagine a system that creates a custom course of study tailored to both the individual learning needs of each student and the program of study they are pursuing. It now exists and its called EdReady. The result of six years of research, design, and development, EdReady is a product of the non-profit NROC Project and was co-funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. EdReady measures each student’s math knowledge, compares it to the math readiness targets of the colleges or programs the student is considering, and then creates a custom course of study to efficiently improve the student’s math master sufficiently to eclipse the target cut scores of the schools and programs of interest. EdReady is designed to be used as part of both traditional classroom instruction and in non-traditional instructional models (e.g., flipped, emporium, independent study, etc.). The student performance data collected by EdReady is displayed in dashboard that give classroom instructors a better understanding of each student’s needs and the over progress of the entire class. EdReady data is also displayed in dashboards designed for administrators to manage resources for entire student cohorts.


This presentation will explore the value of personalized learning as a tool for addressing college math readiness. The EdReady system will be described as an exemplar and earlier pilot use results will be presented.


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