What activities do you participate in outside of the classroom / outside of your regular job duties / that are important to you or reflect your personal passions?  

If you are in a classroom, do these end up getting reflected in some way in your classroom?

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I am a volunteer with NSW State Emergency Service. In our unit I am the Operations Controller which means that in times of disaster I manage the teams and the completion of the jobs. I check the seriousness of the jobs as they come in and then decide which teams are best suited to do them. I have been associated with SES since 1988 and can see myself staying with this wonderful organisation until I am no loger able to be useful with them.  I am also a work place trainer with SES and conduct training sessions. I do induction for new members, communication (radios), Working in Operation Centers and an SES specific course that trains members to enter data into our job database and then use the database to manage the job flow.


For relaxation I enjoy geocaching... a sport/hobby/pastime/obsession which is shared by millions of people all over the world but know of by few outside the hobby. We use GPS devices to hide and search for containers in the environment. We hide waterproof containers (some with small treasures for kids) in interesting locations and then post the co-ordinates on a website. Others can download these co-ordinates and go to the location and share the view or the walk or the natural beauty or the history and also find the cache. It gets me out in the open and to many places I would otherwise have not visited


I definitely need to learn more about geocaching! 

I teach cheer and dance to my fifth graders, so we do a lot of the clapping motions in class to get everyone's attention.

Love it! 

The global travel has influenced my classroom to the utmost. I try to teach a global. Kristen. curriculum.
That was supposed to say global citizen curriculum. Autocorrect is a funny thing.

I prefer participating in different competitions to develop my student"s interest and their knowlege.

I have a passion for music. I grew up in a musical family, but didn't really take it seriously until early into my adulthood. Now, I love it! I love being a part of an ensemble and performing. As a person with a disability as well as an special education teacher, I hope to show that there are many avenues in music which youth with disabilities can participate in. 

Travel, and meet people. Learning their stories so I can share them. 


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