What activities do you participate in outside of the classroom / outside of your regular job duties / that are important to you or reflect your personal passions?  

If you are in a classroom, do these end up getting reflected in some way in your classroom?

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I have a passion for doing teacher trainings. Any chance I get I will do formal professional development trainings or ad hoc... whoa to the teacher standing near me in the grocery store line :) This helps spread not only my ideas, but opens up opportunities to learn what other educators are doing that I can take back to my classroom.  Helps me to feel energized and ready to try new things!
Alice--there is a professional developers group here.  Seems like you could bring some energy to it!  :)
I have participated in the Arkansas Leadership Academy Teacher Leader Institute the last several years in various capacities. Most recently as a facilitator. I have found that sharing new ideas and helping teachers see new ways to meet the needs of students is an incredible experience.
I have never returned from an Institue without something to take straight back to my classroom the next day.

I LOVE competitive sports! I have taken several years worth of karate and am planning to start Judo/Jujitsu later this fall. I truly like to push my limits and see just how far I can go.


I guess this does come out in my classroom because I encourage my students to dig deep and find out what they're truly made of. 

I love the connection you've made there between your own personality and how that relates to helping your students find the same mettle.  :)  Do they know about your love of competitive sports?  Do you make that connection directly with them?
I am a multimedia artist.  Creating my art in extremely important to me.  Without an outlet for creativity beyond teaching, I would feel caged and unfulfilled. I love teaching, but it doesn't allow totally free self-expression.  I need that too.
Do you share your art with your students?

When my art relates in some way to the topic, I talk about the relevant artwork.  Also a colleague and I designed a course called Art Techne, which integrates Scratch and game development and uses artworks as catalysts and inspiration for each topic.  I teach MsEd graduate students at Lesley University.

I maintain several websites: our school's website, a cooking/recipe site(new), and a couple of teacher resource sites. One is for my building's teachers so they have resources for the tools that are in their classrooms, and the other is for a larger audience. I began collecting resources in 2009 for my online courses and realized bookmarking would NOT manage so many, plus I wanted to share them anyway because I like to share. It's one of those things I supposedly learned in kindergarten. :-) although I think my parents get that credit. I would say that helping others to learn is my consuming passion and it doesn't matter what age the learners are. 



I'm guessing you already know about social bookmarking services that allow you to bookmark and then place widgets of those links, categorized the way you want, on other sites?  If not, both Diigo and Delicious do this!
Okay, I've been lax on doing that! When I started the site, I didn't know about them and only used Firefox. You've given me incentive to move forward. I have been using Pearltrees lately because I love concept maps and it is similar. Thank you because I need the push to use Diigo (unused account right now).

Diigo groups will be perfect for sharing bookmarks - and discussions- with you and the other teachers.  I include Diigo in my Social Computing module in a course I teach, so that the teachers I teach will learn about it.  Many end up using it with their colleagues and their own students.


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