Your Name and Title:    Maha Hassan

    School or Organization Name:  Arab Academy for Training Technology

    Co-Presenter Name(s):   -----------

    Area of the World from Which You Will Present:   Egypt

   Language in Which You Will Present:   English

   Target Audience(s):   Teachers, Teacher Trainers, Senior Teachers

   Short Session Description (one line):   

   What do students think when we tell them that we are going to use technology or computer games    to teach them their different subjects?

   Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

   Gayle Purdue said, "We aren't just teaching students specific skills - we are strengthening their capacity to be lifelong learners". To do this we need to respect their needs and requests. As teachers we are always running after improving ways of teaching for the sake of offering better education to our students or rather learners. Yet have we asked ourselves if our "Learners" agree to the procedures we take?! Do they see using technology in learning the same way we do? Do we need to keep their desires into consideration? Will this bring about better results? Let's go ahead and check the recent research results and see what you think?

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