I am taking a class and part of the reading is to differentiate disruptive and sustaining and the article that was provided was more on business and it's a bit challenging for me to relate it to education.  Is there anyone there who can give me examples of both innovation.  Thanks.


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I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but here you go.  Maybe they are wondering or looking at it like this.  Take a student that is listening to music.  Now it might be disruptive to some but for that student it is really just a sustaining action.  Meaning that there are those students or people that need to concentrate on what they are doing so any noise or especially music (Rap, Rock, or some other type with lyrics) could be distracting.  But there are those who no matter what the noise is or type of music they are able to focus on their work and drown out the music and just add as something in the background.    

It could be referred to as being in the zone.  So to the point of differentiating between the two.  Maybe they are just going back to the reality of things.  Disruptive stops things from happening and sustaining allows for things to continue on.  With today's instant knowledge or distraction world it is harder than ever to be in the sustaining mode.  Therefore are all these wonderful devices and social outlets just making it more difficult to not be distracted?  And are we even able to keep that sustaining quality alive in our students as they don't even know what it is like to not have the multitude of things happening at once around them as we have experienced before new things emerged?  Hope it make sense.


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