This post about William Shatner getting kicked off of Google plus was interesting.  It mentions that he is both an individual and a brand.  Do you see yourself as a brand?

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Brand is a word that I can't get used to.  But a professional, in the same way that an athlete or an accountant or a doctor have a reputation themselves even while working for others, is a healthy way for me to think about it.
Steve you are a brand, important to take control of it.
I also like the definition Karl Speak gives in Be Your Own Brand:  your brand is your reputation for helping others.

I think that whether we consider ourselves a brand or not, other people will still classify us as a brand in some way.  Therefore, we have the responsibility not only to represent ourselves well, but also to represent those who may have the same brand well.  

I don't really see myself as brand. Here's why. Although I know a lot of people, I'm still working on figuring out who I am in society. Deciding to become a teacher is a big step, but until I feel like I've been successful at teaching for a period of time, I don't see myself as a brand. 


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