Your Name and Title:      Dr.Revathi Viswanathan

School, Library, Museum, or Organization Name (if applicable): B.S.Abdur Rahman university

Co-Presenter Name(s): ---

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  South India

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience(s):   Educators and teachers

Short Session Description (one line):  Teachers need to create a suitable environment by using technology in order to promote experiential learning.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Technology enhances learning a subject as it provides opportunities for expansion of knowledge among students. Teachers of digital era have to be proficient users of technological tools which in turn would help them to create a suitable environment for learning. In this presentation, the presenter would share her classroom experience of integrating Web 2.0 technology for enhancing the writing ability of her students. She would further highlight the application of experiential learning theory in developing students' language learning skills.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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