Adult Learning – A Training Guide of Theory & Methods - Finding useful tools in the revolution and conflicts within Adult Learning

Your Name and Title: Richard C. Close

School, Library, Museum, or Organization Name (if applicable): Chrysalis Campaign, Inc.

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: New York City

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): 7-12 Educators and Adult Learning Educators Curriculum Dveloper

Short Session Description (one line): Adult Learning – A Training Guide of Theory & Methods - Finding useful tools in the revolution and conflicts within Adult Learning

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

This presentation is designed for those working in public adult learning programs along with educators in the 7-12 grades.  This session will be an accelerated presentation with material that can be used to train other educators, mentors and volunteers. Richard has a keen interest in the transformation of adult learning from poverty, trauma and oppression. In that same light, US classrooms are filled with students traumatized by divorce, poverty hunger, children of alcoholics, and abuse. Adult Learning theorists such as Knowles highlight the tragedy of new curriculum fads (Common core) that ignore these issues. Within AL methods there are many new ideas for educators who want transformational results or to save a life.

In many ways Adult Learning practices (student centered) is in stark contrast between the political push for a “Common Core” in a very ‘uncommon” world.

The quest to sort out Adult Learning theory is confusing. It is filled with conflicts such as high end research on ivy leagues students being applied to urban poor settings. This session will dissect the markets of Adult Learning; Corporate, K-12, Literacy/Trauma, Academic. In this body of knowledge the philosophies of the elite can be clueless when compared to the cries of those who need to simply survive.

  1. Starting from Lineman, Friere and Dewey we will cover the philosophies behind Adult Learning
  2. Exploring new thinking about Ault Learning and Labor vs. Knowledge workers
  3. Illustrate  the contrast of Assessment vs. Discover and empower
  4. Define theories of Transformation Mezirow – Reflection
  5. Differences in faith based and secular programs in curriculum design
  6. We will cover strategies for setting up Community Learning Centers on feeling safe and loved.
  7. How the Internet bypass-learning changes everything. Collaborative Reflection,
  8. Case of “Writing to heal” lesson Freedom Writers with Adult Women
  9. Provide Resource Roadmap on were to do more research.

This lesson’s outline is based on a course I am developing to train volunteer and educators in my Global Learning Framework community and Educators.

Session resource list will be downloadable a week before the course at

Note: Richard’s visionary sessions are often hard hitting, media rich and controversial. Leaving the corporate world in 2003 he lived in the homeless rescue missions of Bridgeport CT and Albany New York for 9 months, After returning from Africa he develop the Global Learning Framework™  how we share and learning via the web, he then developed a transformational curriculum call “Discover your Gifts” for the women of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Later he developed the program “I am Africa, This is my story …” Ning portal under a grant from UNESCO.

Richard Close is the CEO Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. has 25 plus years in IT learning industry, public education and has been working with NGOs, poverty adult learning since 2003. His works are published in ISTE Journal and two UN sponsored journals and is a frequent speaker in the Global Education Conference. Richard developed the UNESCO “I am Africa This is my story...” Portal and digital story telling workshops. In addition he has developed curriculum for Rescue Mission Women’s Center.. His Linkedin in communities are based on his development of the Global Learning Framework is over 4,000. His slideshare presentations exceed from GEC, STEMx and other sessions exceed 4,000 views, His blog is He is currently engaged in a Master on Adult Learning specializing poverty/trauma and global knowledge.

Global Learning Framework, Micro Learning Paths and the Personal Learning Framework are trademarks of Richard C. Close

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