Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Hi, I'm an educational technology coordinator for an Intermediate school district in Michigan (teacher training, etc.), also am an instructor for Michigan State University in their grad program for Educational Technology, and teach online for globalclassroomusa.org .

I've always been a technojunkie. I come for many years of being a special education teacher. I'm part of the Adobe educators group across the globe. I taught in the U.K. for MSU two summers where I had the joy of having students (teachers from the International Schools and Department of Defense DODs schools). Interfacing with others and sharing across the globe has been a joy. I'm going to focus this next year on creating a lot of online tutorial and interactive lessons for teachers on using technology for their classrooms using Adobe Captivate and Camtasia Studio. My goal in 'retirement' is to create interactive multimedia 'books' for children which embed cyber-safety and ethical behaviors which cherish qualities of sharing and helping each other.
Exploring web 2.0 collaborations, and resources and software that connects and is efficient for educators is a focus of mine as well.
(Besides making wine)
Hello EduBloggers:

My name is Ryan Bretag, an instructional technology coordinator in Northbrook, IL. Before joining the administrative ranks, I spent five years teaching high school English in a CyberEnglish environment and one year as a technology facilitator.

I've been blogging for just over six months on instructional technology and just recently began blogging for Technology & Learning under my avatars name, Existential Paine. As an English teacher, my students started blogging (or something close to it) in late 2002 as part of CyberEnglish though we didn't know it at the time :-) -- we simply created individual discussion boards for each student for which they could have their own space to read, reflect, and write with people beyond the isolated walls of the classroom and school.

Today, I'm blessed to be working with the most insprining educators and administrators who fully support the vision of instructional technology.

It is great to be part of such a wonderfully diverse group of educators, technologists, administrators, and bloggers. I look forward to amazing times here at EduBloggerWorld.
I am a career educator in Cottonwood Heights (Salt Lake City), Utah, and fascinated by the speed of Educational Technology. It boggles my mind to be surrounded by-and in touch with-some of the 'giants' in the field...I started a blog a few weeks back and scrambling to learn as much as fast as I can...
Greetings Edubloggers!
I'm a special education teacher in a tech-savvy 5th grade Collaborative (Inclusion) classroom on Long Island, New York. I'm also the webmaster for my elementary school. This September, I'm going back to college as a graduate student for a masters degree in Educational Technology. I'm looking forward to connecting with all of you super tech savvy educators in the flat space of EduBloggerWorld.
Hi everyone. I am an avid "tech-adict" -- always in search of better ways to assist children to become informed productive world citizens. Presently, I am working with a central Maine school district as their Educational Technology Director. I continue to be amazed at how much I learn daily from being part of groups like this.
I'm Jeannine Ortiz, an ELA teacher from Long Island, NY. I'm the technology coordinator as well and am really becoming enmeshed in all of the latest tools available. I aid the teachers in my school with all of their technology needs and try to encourage them to explore new ways of teaching and getting students to create, produce and think for themselves. I love what I do and only wish I had more time to do it. I have a three year old AND a four year old who command most of my time out of school. Thank God for them, but boy do they wear me out. I love the beach and sailing, and Long Island is the best place for both of those. I just spent four blissful hours on the beach with my kids, who love it as much as I.

I joined this blog because I'm looking for inspiration, information, and communication. Currently I'm a bit splintered; I'm making podcasts, imovies, classroom blogs, wikkis, etc. . . and I'm trying to narrow my scope and focus on a few tools to help streamline my 7th grade classes. I'd like to run a strictly electronic classroom, but that's just one of my fantasies. You know you're over forty when your fantasies focus on reducing your paperwork. I look forward to making some new friends here.
Then I am over 40!
My name is Chris Duke. I am:

  • an educational technologist working for a community college in Houston, TX as Director of Training and Technology Development.
  • an adjunct instructor teaching "Intro to Computers" to learners at a different community college in Houston.
  • a graduate student in the Educational Psychology, Learning & Technology program at Texas A&M University; I've completed coursework and am hoping the dissertation doesn't kill me.

My wife and I have blogged about our family (us and two daughters) for six years. I started blogging professionally in January at http://www.muveforward.com and again beginning 3 days ago at http://edtechatouille.blogspot.com.

I'm looking forward to what this community will offer - if I can keep up with what I expect to be a high volume of activity ;-)

Hello, All!
I am a teacher-librarian in the Philadelphia burbs. I've been an edtech writer and speaker for around ten years.

I've been blogging and playing around with 2.0 applications for over two years now and I am thrilled with the new engagement I see in my learners and the connections I am making myself. This is the coolest time ever to be a teacher and a learner.

I hope to expand my students' networks over the next year and I hope that some of you will be interested in partnering with Springfield students and teachers.

Virtual Library website
NeverEndingSearch (School Library Journal)
Personal Blog

I think we need to create a site/wiki/ning/whatever that makes it easier for teachers to do exactly what you are wanting to do. In other words, if I want to join a "Horizon Project" type group, where can I go to find teachers with similar goals.

Perhaps there's something like that already out there?
I am an ardent internet participant, with a keen interest in online community from the changes within industrial age institutions as they try meet with participatory culture, to the role of social software will play in everyday life.

My background is in communications studies, digital media and film. I have a degree in Communications & Interactive Multimedia at Edith Cowan University. I have worked in education and media environments in Japan and Scotland. Presently I'm employed as Senior Curriculum Officer in ICT at the Department of Education, Western Australia working to assist teachers effectively integrate ICTs into their student's learning.

I run a couple of group blogs Digital Chalkie and AusMacEd where I occasionally post, podcast or webcast.

I am keen participate in this community as a venue for positive progression in the use of ICT in teaching and learning. I hope to see it grow into a dynamic and fertile ground for exchange.
Hello! Or is that Ni Hao!

I'm a Technology Resource Facilitator at Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China. I've been involved in many online projects and I'm in the process of moving our school to a 1:1 program 6-12 over the next 3 years. China has been my second overseas posting. Before here I worked in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia for 3 years and before that in the States.


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