Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Good afternoon, My name is Aaron- I am the marketing dept. intern at Berkeley City College here in northern California. In all honesty I had originally investigated Ning as place to target potential recruits for some of our certificate programs- but I see that's not really what is going on here and recognize the impropriety of spam in these forums. With that said, perhaps some of you folk out there have some input regarding appropriate ways to use the web 2.0 trends to reach adult demographics who might not know that an education is actually within their grasp? We had been targeting social networks such as Facebook and Myspace, but frankly I don't know how much that accomplishes. Ning seems very promising, but it is SOOO dense! I find it difficult to navigate!
Nevertheless, nice to meet you all :)
အကိုတို. မဂၤလာပါ ကြၽန္ေတာ္ေတြ.ရတာ ၀မ္းသာပါတယ္ ကြၽန္ေတာ္. ကိုလည္း blogger နဲ.ပက္သက္ျပီးေတာ. သင္ေပးပါေနာ္
Hi All,

I am a high school English teacher from Timmins, Ontario (Canada) which is a gold mining city in the north. I love to be in the outdoors cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, running, biking, etc. I take my dog Buffy with me whenever I can because she loves being in the bush as well. My husband and I love to go to concerts. I don't think I could even list them all without missing some from over the 18 years that we've been together. My three sons are 15, 11 and 10; we spend a lot of time together and share a love for technology!

I found this network through the KCI Merit Program at Foothill College in California. I teach 6th-8th Language Arts and Science at a small autonomous public school in San Jose.

Right now, I'm discovering a million and one ideas, but as I go along I'd love some input on how to actually use them effectively!
My name is Jibril.B.Bala,i teaches mathematics and online businesses,i live in kano nigeria.
I like meeting peoples for sharing ideas, i hope to hear more from you people.
I wish you all the best.
Hello! My name is Joanna and I teach music to grades 1-8 at a wonderful private Friends school in NC. I blog at http://motleymuse.blogspot.com and also tweet as dr_motley_muse. I am on my school's technology committee and integrate technology into my teaching in many ways, especially with my older students.

Hi! I'm Tiffani and I am currently in the credential program at CSU, Fresno.  One of my classes introduced me to this site and I am excited to be a part.  I want to encourage students and inspire them to be physically active, involved in healthy relationships with peers, and learn about the human body and motor development.  


I am Finessa.  I am currently pursuing a single subject credential in English.  I am from California.  I enjoy reading and being in the credential program.  I find it challenging at times, however, my professor's are so passionate about what they teach that it makes the process fun.  Everytime I leave a class I feel as if with all the tools they give me (be it ideas, websites, or lesson plans)  I just feel that I can be an amazing teacher. 

Hello, My name is Crystal Macias. I am currently an undergrad working on completing my degree in Biology this year. I am hoping to enter the credential program next year. I joined Teacher 2.0 for a class, but I am really hoping to learn a lot that I can apply when I begin the teaching field within the next few years. I would like any advice and feedback from those who are more experienced than myself so that when I do begin teaching I will be well prepared.

Hi. My name is Nam Dang and I am student at California State University, Fresno. I'm studying to become a teacher in the field of special education. 


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