Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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I am an educator serving in a campus-based instructional leadership position at a high school in Houston, Texas. I have been blogging about education issues (and ed tech) for about a year and a half (http://ed421.com) and have come to the conclusion that Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, and social networks (including virtual worlds) are powerful personal and professional learning tools.

I intend to continue blogging with a passion and to continue connecting with others across the blogosphere/Web 2.0 landscape in efforts to learn more, do more, and be more with regard to reinvention of 21st learning environments/schools.
Hi Everybody! I'm an edtech blogger (http://mrmoses.org) from the city of sin. I also happen to be an assistant principal at an online high school, and advocate for web-site accessibility, and a curriculum developer. Blogging is keeping me just busy enough so that I don't go nuts fighting carnegie units and wondering which accelerant would work best to change the face of education forever.

Could be JAFB?
Hello - My name is Claudia Ceraso. I am an English as a foreign language teacher (EFL) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The edublogosphere in Argentina is slowly growing with a few voices; I feel all this interaction with other corners of the world is so enriching.

I have been on the path of learning how to integrate technology to my teaching since March 2006. So far, I am able to say it has made a difference to my own learning. I am still exploring ways to make this meaningful to my students, who, perhaps, do not need to try as many tools as I explore!

I'm glad to join this network and recognise the faces of people I often read. Many of them are in my Twitter contacts. Some like Darren Draper I have just started reading. I see Jenny Barret, whose work on e-portfolios makes me think a lot about my own students' portfolio work at Corpus. A wiki where I am proud to say no one's too sure who's teaching who.

I look forward to seeing thoughtful conversations arise here. To move on in the direction of ideas flowing -no matter which side of the world they come from.
Hello fellow edubloggers!

My name is Kim Cofino, I'm originally from Connecticut in the US, but have been teaching abroad for the last seven years.

I was in Munich, Germany for my first five years (at Munich International School), then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (at Mont'Kiara International School) for two years, and am now teaching in Bangkok, Thailand (at the International School Bangkok).

In both Munich and Kuala Lumpur I was the middle school technology facilitator. In Bangkok, I am the 21st Century Literacy Specialist - sort of an integration of librarianship and tech integration. My blog is called Always Learning.

I love collaborating and am always on the lookout for global projects for my students, so please drop me a line if you're interested!
Hey Kim!!
Hello from Québec,

I am happy to join this eduspace as a five years old edublogger... My name is Mario. I'm involved in approximately forty projects where social software is used as learning strategy with Opossum, learning and technology division (a subsidiary of iXmédia group), wtih I started out an experimentation at school I was principal few years ago, Cyberportfolio at Institut St-Joseph. At that time, after teaching Elementary and High School level and leading activities, I was appointed Head of a school, position which I held for 15 years in Elementary and High School level. Physical educator by trade, coaching has always been central in my professional life.

Actually, I advises institutions, business and Government in order to support best practices and initiate the emergence of vast "learning organizations". When I was school director, I liked so much the enterprise that has supported me in his endeavour with cyberportfolio that I became a business partner. I blog on «Mario tout de go» (fr) which eventually turned into an electronic portfolio, and I intend to expend this form of blogging in education issue with blogs farms on MT and WP... I met some of you at Atlanta and I'll do the best I can to invited other bloggers of my network in Canada and France... Many thanks to the those who made the initial setup.

About me, let's see - I am a hyphenated person: educational technologist-English teacher, teacher-consultant, blogger-webcaster, and probably some others. My SL name is Heloise Chevalier to denote my interest in medieval history (once did an honours paper on Abelard and Heloise) and my French-Canadian environment (though I am an "anglo"). I am in transition from teaching in the classroom to becoming an education consultant that works for LEARN, an arm of the ministère de l'éducation du Québec (English sector). My graduate background is in online collaborative learning for high school students. For the past four years, my students have participated in global collaborative projects, earning a total of five international awards. Some of my closest friendships have been forged through my partnership in Women of Web 2.0 where I have also discovered that I greatly enjoy webcasting.
I am the technology manager for small, k-12 school in Portland, Maine (the other Portland). It's a small school so I basically do everything technology (hardware, programming, help desk, professional development). I've been an avid "blurker" in the blogosphere for a few years - reading and reading and reading. I have (finally) begun my own blog in order to help me organize my thoughts about using these tools in the classroom (and other such stuff). I often have so much info in my head, I need a place to put it. I am eager to make connections and have conversations with all of you - here in this network and out on the blogosphere. Thanks for the opportunity.
I'm Russ Lauber, and I'm simply a 33 year educator that wants to stay on the learning curve of Educational Technology...I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a contemporary of Darren Draper, who is one of the leading 'gurus' of the 'movement', and I want to stay afresh...
I'm not sure "guru" is the right word here - I'm enthusiastic, sure, but the more I learn, the dumber I get.
Darren admit it - guru is a perfect description!
Brian C. Smith
Instructional Technology Specialist
Monroe #1 BOCES

Monroe #1 serves 10 large school districts in eastern Monroe County (Rochester, NY). One of two, instructional technology specialists, I work with 5 of these districts providing professional development opportunities, teacher support, classroom support, as well as research of hardware and software.

I look forward to meeting many of you online and to join the many conversations taking place already. I am a novice blogger at http://mobilemind.wordpress.com.

Skype: teachntech
Twitter: mobileminded
E-mail: mobileminded@gmail.com


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