Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Hi everyone,
I'm the Founding Director and "Chief Visionary Officer" of Global Village School, an international K12 homeschool diploma program with a creative flexible approach and an emphasis on peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability. We're launching out new blog this week: The Global Village Voice. We’re bridging the worlds of education and activism - bringing together visionaries from the worlds of alternative education, humane education, homeschooling, peace, justice, diversity, sustainability, human rights, psychology, spirituality, indigenous issues, the arts, and life in general - to share information, inspiration, and thoughtful reflection.
I'm interested in connecting with like-minded folks, and learning more about blogging and how to spread the word about our work. I live in the Southern California foothills.
My name is Aaron Grill and I am the Director of Technology at The Browning School in New York City. I am beginning to put greater effort into professional development. I think there is no better way than joining a community like this where I can read, reflect and respond. I also have a blog at http://currentedtech.com where I plan to begin writing more in the coming months..

So here is my educational philosophy in a brief, impromptu paragraph. While I have enjoyed building up the technology infrastructure of our organization, I am now focusing more energy in improving the educational experience of students. Creating self motivated and inspired students is something I think technology can help with, but by no means is the solution for everything. So often the culture of the school, the school policies, the amount of professional development and support make up a successful school.

Some topics of interest for me are using moodle, blogging, social networks, project based learning, inquiry based learning, media literacy and professional development. I look forward to discussing these topics with people!
Aaron Grill
Hi everyone:)
I am a secondary school teacher in Minden, Louisiana. I have recently built my PLN (professional learning network) which is always a "work-in-progress" but truly love the implementation of web 2.0 components into my classroom. Our parish recently (November) unblocked our first blog website, Edublogs. Our class blog is tidertechie.edublogs.org.
I have also been privileged to present a variety of technology workshops (local, parish, and district) on integration of technology into classrooms. I look forward to interacting with other education bloggers around the world!
Hey I found it!!!
Yes you did! This is only one resource.
I am a Literacy Consultant who works with schools and children. I have just started blogging and am undertaking the 31 days to be a better blogger. I have a particular interest in how ICT can support teaching and learning in Literacy. I am focused at the moment on trying out new web 2.0 tools.
Hello! I am Karen Justl from Houston. I am an Assistant Principal at Cornerstone Academy, a middle school in Spring Branch ISD. Previously a technology coach, I realized the importance of having an administration that understands how technology supports learning and can promote/model the effective use of technology. I haven't kept pace with technology over the past couple of years with innovations and Web 2.0.

My goals for this spring are:
Blog regularly for the purpose of sharing my reflections, celebrations and challenges,
Participate in social and professional networks,
Develop podcasts, videos, and wikis for use with campus staff showing models for the classroom,
Develop a 2 day workshop for teachers for June 2009
and I don't plan to stop there!

I've already created a group and invited a teacher! :-)
My name is Natasa Bozic Grojic and I am a teacher of English from Belgrade, Serbia. I am interested in CALL and Web 2.0 and I am a member of Webheads in Action.
I really enjoy blogging, but I don't blog as often as I would like. So, when I read about the , I saw it as an opportunity to improve my blogging skills.
Joining this network is actually an assignment (Day 3 Challenge), but I am really happy to be here. I hope belonging to this community will encourage me to blog even more often.
Hi Natasa
It is a very small world. I am also in the group that is doing the 31 day blogging challenge. I haven't had time yet to explore this group, but hopw to do so at somepoint this week.
Keep on bloggoing!
Hi Joy,
Nice to meet you. I haven't explored the group either, but there is time.
It is currently my twelveth year working with a private college in Malaysia to expose students to the exciting, mind-boggling and indescribable world of the hospitality industry. My Blog has just been started recently to document my experiences in the academic field as I will be ending this phase of my career and moving on to something new. The world has been my oyster where I harvest teaching tools and techniques for my classroom. Now, I am exploring the virtual world...
Hi Nurainie, so are you a college teacher based in Malaysia? Yea, I like what you said about how indescribable the hospitality world is, is it because it is driven by the clientele or by the business operators themselves? I have a little knowledge about the industry because I was teaching social science to a batch of Hotel and Restaurant Management back home in the Philippines. Why you're thinking of career shift? Hope we could be friends here on EduBloggerWorld. See u around!


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