Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Hi Mary, thank you for your comments to my entry. I believe the internet has driven distance communication to a new level. That coupled with the sky-rocketing fuel prices, will only increase the feasibility of using distance education and virtual training rooms.

As i mentioned before, I use Wimba software for the Live Classes that I have. It is similar to Ellluminate, or Moodle, but I find it easier to manage. It allows IMing, video, audio, text, web, and power point sharing as well as an eBoard function. I would suggest exploring this type of set up first. I do like SL, however there are many technical glitches with it, as well as a larger learning curve just dressing and operating your avitar, Depending on the age you are training, this can be a big distraction. I have attended SL lectures and socials in ISTE. It is an opportunity to draw learners from all over the world into your "lessons", which can offer a new direction and new ideas to your experience.
My name is Dessa, I'm currently a senior at the Ohio State University, and I am an intern at the Ohio College Access Network (OCAN). I am working on getting the word out on the KnowHow2Go Campaign which is striving to educate people on how to get to college.

My name is Jeanning Healy and I teach 8th grade math in Angleton Texas. I am originally from South Bend Indiana so go Notre Dame! I am an alumin of West Virginia University so go Mountaineers! I am really interested in utilizing technology in the classroom so that is why I decided to join this network.
Hi! I'm an Australian teacher from Melbourne. Teaching English, Psychology and now History. We've been working on using technology frequently in the English classroom, despite limited access to computers (a common state school problem). Had a fantastic experience getting students using blogs and it inspired me to continue to write my own. I have two blogs, one is a personal account of my experiences teaching. The other is one I am trying to establish as a resource that my students can access regularly. It's all a matter of getting them into the habit of accessing it.

I am a high school science department chair in the south suburbs of Chicago. This will be my 11th year in education and 2nd year in administration.

I am relatively new to Web 2.0, but very excited about learning more.

I am misterabrams in Skype, Twitter, and Plurk. You can also find me on LinkedIn.
Hi all,
My name's Austen Ezeifedi. I teach English to speakers of other languages in Togo (that's in West Africa). I have a voracious appetite for things on the web. I wish to explore its full potential in teaching, learning, and even, business. I love to play games, read novels and see movies. My interests are wide and varied. I have participated in TESOL EVO - that electronic village for Teachers of English To Speakers of Other Languages. I hope to participate in future ones, too. Thus far, I have taught people from all the continents of the world, save Australia.
My name is Taeho and I'm a writer living in the Boston, MA area. I write for a few different blogs that cover different educational niches, ranging from whiteboard products and technology to green, eco-friendly school products. Here are the 3 that are getting updated regularly:

Whiteboard Guide
Green School Furniture Guide
School Furniture Guide

I'm hoping to share some valuable information and tips that I find around the web, while learning more from the people who read what I write. Feel free to take a look and give me feedback or suggestions. Thanks, and I look forward to interacting more with this community in the future.

Saludos amigos de EdubloggerWorld,

Ante todo saludarles y felicitarlos por estar en esta comunidad, aprovecho la oportunidad para invitarlos a visitar mi nuevo blog: http://doroty2.blogspot.com les agrecesco su gran entusiasmo, un saludo fraterno desde Lima-Perú.

Rene Torres Visso.
Hello All:)

I'm an elementary school teacher in Florida, though originally from Michigan. Moved down to Florida a few years ago to get out of the snow, and I'm not going back! I've just begun learning about all the opportunities made available by connecting with other educators with blogs and other web 2.0 tools. I've begun experimenting with twitter and plurk and have met some great educators, and I'm hoping to expand my circle here.

Check out my blog - I'm trying to update it on a regular basis! Looking forward to learning from everyone.
I am Tracy finding this group from Classroom 2.0 and Steve Hargadon's blog. I blog on education in my little world of 7th and 8th grade ESL where I really want to make learning relevant for kids who have a greater chance of dropping out of high school than graduating, and I blog on building a network marketing business in the nutritional supplement industry.
I'm Tracy Rosen, I teach high school and do research in educational technology in the PhD program at Concordia University in Montreal.

I also paint, keep active with yoga, softball, martial arts, and gardening. Oh, and walking my dog, throwing the ball for my dog (over and over and over again), and chasing my dog away from skunks (unsuccessfully, unfortunately).

I've recently become a fan of lacrosse, very exciting game! Go Bandits!

I found this Ning while reading Jo McLeay's blog in Melbourne, sitting at my dining room table in Montreal.

Love the edublogosphere :)

Here is the dog I spend so much time with. He's a hoot and he's called Toby.

Hi Tracy!!


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