Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Im part of relatively new team that has developed an online training framework which allows the creation and distribution of training programs to learners. Were based in New Zealand and have been operating for just over a year with great success mainly in the call centre industry. We believe we have a great training solution and hope to connect with other members to gain further ideas on how to enhance our product and share our experiences in developing such solutions.


My name is Angeles Berman Boeta. I'm an EFL teacher working in a small island in Mexico. I've been here for a while but don't know why I didn`t post my intro...Now, I did! XD

The island where I live is Cd. del Carmen, Campeche and it is located in the Gulf of Mèxico.

I'm not a novice blogger but in the novice step for a long time. This site make me think about to improve my work in so many ways and i'm going to do it. I'm interested in Web 2.0 and how these tools can help students to learn.

Regards from México

angelesb ;-)
Hi! I'm Damian Bariexca, currently a high school English teacher and school psychology graduate student (Ed.S.). Although I've been online in one form or another since 1992, and have always embraced technology in my teaching, I've only just started my own blog, Apace of Change. Its focus is developing and discussing practical applications for various technologies in the classroom. Comments make a blog, in my opinion, so I hope some folks from this group will stop by and offer their insight.

Looking forward to learning from everyone, and contributing what I can!
Welcome! My professional blog is at Durff's Blog and class blogs at classblogmeister. Here is the Study Skills though it will be more interesting when i have class lists....the walled garden works well for our community right now.
Hello. I am a fifth grade regular ed teacher in a collaborative classroom...one reg ed and one spec ed teacher full time. I love integrating technology into the classroom. We began blogging last year with ClassBlogmeister. We also got a SmartBoard last year and loved using that with all our lessons. This year we plan on continuing our blogsite and introducing wikis and googledocs to the students.

In addition to teaching students, I also teach staff in my district. I teach classes on the use of the SmartBoard and enhancing websites for better home/school communication. This year I am teaching a course introducing Web 2.0 apps.

I also started my own blog this summer, called Lisa's Lingo. I am excited to be part of this community and look forward to meeting fellow bloggers.
Hi everyone,

I'm Cheri Toledo. I teach at Illinois State - undergrad presevice teachers: secondary issues; masters & doctoral: ed tech. I'm also starting as an adjunct in Walden's doc program in Ed Tech ... fun stuff. My blog is drctedd.wordpress.com - I've been blogging since Mar 2006 after hearing David Warlick for the first time.

Although I'm currently living in central Illinois, I'm a native Californian and consider the Monterey Bay (specifically Pacific Grove) my home town and favorite place. I am an avid cyclist and worker outer - I used to coach college volleyball, so I'm a died in the wool gym rat.

I am fascinated by this network that I've seen develop and then blossom since NECC in June (2007) and will be doing some research to get a better handle on just what is going on. So if you're interested, look for my request to participate.
Nice to see another central illinois native on the web. Sounds like you are doing great work!
My name is Lynne Crowe and I teach an accelerate class of 33 Year 7 and 8 students (11 to 13 year olds) in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. I teach English, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Health & PE and also dabble in a bit of French, Japanese and Maori with my students.
I am always looking to increasing my knowledge, use and involvement in new tools and ideas in the hopw that my students are prepared for the future, whatever it may be.
I have a blog at Rambling Reflections and a class blog with links to my students' blogs at Room 3
My class and I are keen to be involved in collaborative projects with other classes.
Hello Edubloggers

My name is Mandy Schiefner, I work at University of Zurich in Switzerland. My interests of blogging are education in general, Higher Education, Social Software, Critical Thinking, Evaluation and more. My Blog is calling education & media, unfortunately it's mainly in German.

I'm looking forward to meet interesting people : )
Switzerland. What a beautiful country. My family was recently introduced to Raclette. What a great treat!
hi all,

i am head of the social learning group of graz univesity of technology in austria. i wrote my phd about elearning in civil engineering and i am teaching in the field of elarning and informatics.
i am interested in learning with technologies - can we improve our learning behaviours for our childrens and students ... i think this is my main research topic.

nice to meet you all


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