Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Hi everybody, my name is Jo McLeay and I have been blogging for nearly two years (blogiversary on July 31st). I love it! My blog is at http://theopenclassroom.blogspot.com/. I teach in an all-girls school near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am Head of English at my school and love to include all kinds of innovative ideas to engage students in the curriculum, with varying success. My Year 9s and Year 7s are both happily blogging at http://jomcleay.com/year9 and http://mrsmac2022.learnerblogs.org/. I also love social networking (probably to do with living in Australia as a child of migrant parents. Australia has always seemed to be too far away from everything but at least we can still be in touch virtually). And I'm getting to meet heaps of Aussies this way too. I also have 5 (nearly) grown up children.
Hello, my name is David Robb. For the 2007-08 school year I'll be starting a new job within my school as a Technology Teacher. This is a brand new position my school district has created for all elementary schools. My job will be to work with students and teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum.
I'm a new blogger and I write about educational technology in the k-12 classroom.
Please check out my blog and feel free to leave comments - Ed Tech Learning.
Hola, soy una teacher de Ingles de Maracaibo, Venezuela. Tambien pertenesco al grupo de los Webheads in Action. Enseño EFL a nivel universitario a estudiantes de todas las carreras y en todos lo niveles. me encanta el uso de la technologia para la enseñanza de cualquier cosa... creo que es hora de integrar la tecnologia en cualquier clase... no solo la de ingles... si en mi universidad todos los profesores usasen estas herramientas mi trabajo en inlges seria mucho mas facil. Gracias a ustedes por existir... me encanta este blog... espero aprender muchisimo y compartir un montón... por alli veo unas caras queridas... Hola, Nelba!!!!!. Bueno, es todo por ahora. Besitos a todos.
Hi Everybody!

I am a teacher from Romania interested in Web 2.0 technologies in education. I blog , have wikispaces, use social bookmarking tools (especially del.icio.us), love SlideShare, ToonDo and Scribd and many other tools.
KiaOra from New Zealand

I am an ICT specialist teaching in a Primary. I have recently begun listening to David Warlick's podcast and reading his blog. Lead me to think that this blogging thing can actually be a big motivtional tool for our kids and to increase their literacy. So I started doing some reading, start my own blog and now here I am!!!

HI KiaOra,
I teach grade 5 this year in Portland, Oregon, USA. I love New Zealand and I've even visited your beautiful country, both islands. What does David Warlick discuss in his podcasts? Have you begun your school year already? For us here in Portland, teacher start back at the end of the month, and students start back Wednesday, September 5. Oh, I just remembered that its winter there, right? Do you have a winter break, or a holiday for about a week? I would like to welcome you to visit our classroom website. The students would be thrilled knowing someone from New Zealand visited them. password: groovy. Good luck and best wishes.
Hi, I am Viviana Broglia. I´m form Argentina, but as difference as Alejandro, I am from the North part. I teach at Univerity and High School level. I am intrested in learn and explore the using of new tecnology to teach and learn. I am trying to work with blogs that my students built, and now I am thinking that perhaps wikies would be better for what I am doing.
Hello, I just discovered this network reading Julie Lindsay's blog. I've been a blogger since some time in 2003 and consider it an essential part of my learning lifestyle. I am a consultant, which is a fancy way of saying that I'm trying to make a living without a job.
Your presence here is indeed our honor! You have quite an important job, sir!
Hello, edubloggers!

My name is Bill VanLoo, and I'm a new teacher. I worked as a Web designer & developer for 8 years before going back to school full-time at Eastern Michigan University, and finished my post-baccalaureate teaching certificate in April. I'm looking for a teaching job right now.

As a life-long technologist, I'm very excited about the prospects of both teaching and using technology in the schools. Check out my blog for more from me, or check out the teaching section of my site for lesson plans and related material.

I've very much enjoyed my teaching experiences so far (teaching a course in Sound Design at the college level, running week-long summer courses at Wayne County Community College District this summer, and my student teaching at Forsythe Middle School in Ann Arbor).
Hi everyone !
My name is Philippe Watrelot, and I am a french teacher of economics and sociology in a high school ("lycée") in the suburb of Paris. I'm also involved in the initial formation for the teachers (IUFM)
But, i'm also an pedagogic activist as a member of the editorial board "Cahiers pédagogiques", a pedagogic review (and an association) founded in 1945.
In addition, I've created a blog "Chronique éducation" wich is a press review about education and youth problem in France.

Looking forward to what we can accomplish together!
Greeting everyone,
I just joined your blogging family and am very excited to have conversations with other elementary teachers around the world. I teach fourth and fifth grade in Portland, Oregon, United States. I began incorporating blogs and online discussion board assignments last year with my fourth graders as a simply introduction to this fantastic tech learning style. This year, I would like to expand this by integrating student blogs that they can have "ownership" with. I want them to have fun in the learning process. If you know of any good classroom blog sites, please let me know. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Enjoy and peace!


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