Please comment here, letting us know who you are, where you are from, and what your interests are.

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Hi, my name is Nick Senger, and I'm a vice principal/8th grade teacher/technology coordinator at All Saints Catholic School in Spokane, WA. I'm about to begin my 19th year of teaching, and I've been blogging for a little over two years. My current projects include Teen Literacy Tips and Catholic School Chronicle. I also Plurk as nsenger.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of you, and to sharing ideas.
Hi Nick!
I am a " real' newbie to this concept. I am eager to learn from those that have been blogging, as well as creating wikis for their classrooms. I want to be able to use this tool with my students this coming year. I teach 8th grade LA/RDG in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy watching my "crime shows: Law & Order (all of them!) , reading, researching on the internet. I love to watch baseball, hockey, basketball, just to name a few. I hope to both learn from you guys as well as make new friends. Oh, yeah,, I spend time with my dog, Sterna! :) Look forward to hearing from some of you. When I find a good enough picture to post I will. What the heck is a "twitter"?
Welcome Lisa!
Sounds like you are eager to get rolling with all of these new tools. Do you have an idea how you will use it in your class? Do you have a project in mind? Are you interested in collaborating with class in PA?

Twitter is a messaging type of service. You can post short messages that can be monitored by others that you invite. http://twitter.com/ You can add the twitter link to existing blogs or other online pages. Just another way to keep in touch.
Twitter is a social networking tool. I find it indispensable. Twitter connects me 24/7 to my network.

My name is Catherine and my maternal language it's french so please be indulgent with my writing in english. I'm come from Québec city but I have been in the west contry in the last ten year. I'm technology specialist in a educational adulte center. I't a new position for me, before I was part time ressource-teacher and part time vice-principal in a elementary school. I'm looking for interaction with other education blogger around the world. I would like share and communicate about pedagogy and I want learn everything about the new educational technology. Let's talk and learn from each other.

Really please to talk with you soon.


Welcome Catherine,

Nice to see you around here.

See ya soon....

Dear Edubloggers,

I'm not sure if I introduced myself before. So much networks, groups, communities...
I work as a policy advisor of the board of an institute for vocational education and training, Furthermore I provide presentations, workshops, keynotes and so on on technology enhanced learning. I blog about this subject since October 2003. Technology enhanced learning is more then work for me. It's a passion.
Julia Hobson here from perth western Australia, I am a lecturer in learming skills at Murdoch university and blog at Critical Thinking at Julia's blog
Hallo, i am educational website editor for softskills at the vocational part of Kennisnet.nl Kennisnet.nl is a big Dutch educational website. part of my website is a little list of edublogs http://softskills.kennisnet.nl/collegiaal/edublogs with only a small part of edubligs in it. I have been teacher in softskills.
I live in a little village in the NW of the Netherlands
My name is Angel. I am from Phoenix, US. I love technology. I look forward to getting involved in these discussions.

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Hi, I'm a k-5 technology teacher in New York City. I've only been blogging actively for a couple of months, and I'm finding it a very useful way to sort out my thoughts about teaching and technology. I'm looking forward to conversations with fellow edubloggers. My 4th-5th grade students are blogging, also, and soon we'll be looking for blog pals for them.


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