Let me begin by saying that an international community of bloggers sounds like an idea with great potential. Nevertheless:

I need your help.

It's been over two months since we first started EduBloggerWorld, the community whose purpose has been to facilitate connections among educational bloggers worldwide. In this brief span of time, I know it has helped me to connect with edubloggers world-wide. Indeed, I have learned a lot and have enjoyed meeting - quite often virtually - so many wonderful and interesting people. With that in mind, I consider this effort to be of tremendous value to me personally.

However, I'm still left wondering why you're here and what you hope to gain from belonging to such a network.

Originally I thought that we were mostly looking for a way to connect - you know, like the connections that were made at EduBloggerCon. That connection could come, I thought, through some sort of international virtual meet-up - EduBloggerCon meets Second Life meets International bliss.

But is this really what we need? Is this truly what you want? Don't everybody jump at once.

While I think that an international on-going un-conference sounds like a great idea, I'm not convinced that everybody (or anybody, for that matter) wants to get the ball rolling. In fact, based upon my search for our previously established 'edubloggerworld_ongoingunconference' tag, I can see that very few people are actually interested in getting the ball rolling - and thus we're left: completely flat in our "flattened" world. The same holds true for our initial efforts regarding tagging standards, welcoming beginners, and the utilization of a community-wide shared calendar.

Is there no one interested in moving us forward as a community? Or is there no real direction for us to turn? I believe that all communities thrive when there is purpose in their being. Thus I beg of you:

Help me to identify our purpose.

Hence, if there is greater purpose in belonging to this community other than the accumulation of Ning friends, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please post a comment about the direction you'd like to see EduBloggerWorld take and the steps you're willing to take to move us there.

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Candace - I mimic you. I belong to way too many social networks as well as try to "manage my own" - plus my blogs. Well, I am lucky to touch base with each one monthly. I can't even wade through my RSS feeds at one sitting anymore. I agree with the purpose of being statement - could it be that we have too many vehicles driving down the same road?
Hi Darren,

I'm here hoping to steal good ideas and take advantage of what others have figured out before me. To that end, I am very happy to share whatever I know, and it's great to be able to connect with people from all over the world who are doing the same kind of work, instead of being restricted to people I actually know, few of whom are edublogging. However, it's also true that I have a full-time job and things to do between 4 p.m. and midnight that don't involve educational blogs, so most of the time I'm busy elsewhere and even when I'm here, most of the time I'm lurking, not contributing, but I'm grateful nonetheless. And in these respects I think I'm probably fairly typical.

I do have a question I'm thinking about now, and I'll post it on the forum to see what kind of response it generates.


Well its my job to connect people and questions and solutions with regard to vocational education. I do not write a edublog myself, i try to discover useful edublogs and recommend them to teachers.
I hope world wide communities of teachers and edubloggers will help to make better education.
I'm new - so I don't know if I can be helpful - but what I'm looking for on this site is: ideas for how to use blogging with my college study skills students. I'd like to see what others are doing, especially what others - more experienced than I - think is being done well.
To introduce about myself, I have to start with my name first. My real name is Kaung Htike Thu. My nickname is Suu Sha. My English name is Intellect Keen. So, my first name is Intellect and my last name is Keen. So many names I have. Thus, you can call me as you like. My age will become 19 years old in next August. I live in North Dagon Township. My hobby is creating upon something that I like such as creating English website, English teaching book, music and poem, and so on. I value my creative power, so, I always try to improve my creative skill. My ambition is to become an Organizer of English learning company. However, I will start my destination as a little teacher.

I have my own friends with some limitation but I need many more friends. I already know that we all need to live with good environment and association for our future of life. Thus, I seek many more friends especially who like English language like me.

To tell you my favorite, I choose “coffee”. It is my favorite. The reason I love coffee is not because of addiction only but because of my education weapon. As I am the all-nighter, I have a little sense of “sleepy”. Without coffee, I will dizzy all the time. I just want to study all of my specialized subject with freshness. Therefore, I drink two cups of coffee a day.
My way of learning English is different from others. At first, I find some of the topic I like or I want, at internet. Then, I printed that topic as a draft. To study that English passage, firstly I find synonyms; same meaning. And then, I find the main theme of each paragraph. Eventually, I rewrite it with my own style. In that way, I get a knowledge & information, and I apply those facts in suitable situation.

Some of the strange ability of mine is I always feel happy when I learn English. On account of that ability, I never get headache and tiredness when I study that language. If I have a chance, I want respect and honor of people as a skillful English specialist.

That’s all about me … and what about you? 
Where have YOU been, Why are YOU here, and Where are WE going?
I have been to a lot of social networking sites that it almost eat up my surfing the net entirely. However I have come across to ning.com where I found some of my interest and passion in life. I have come to this site for one very good reason: to share my ideas. We all have ideas whether we are businessman, educator, or just a plain man just doing our daily life. However those ideas of ours should be communicated to others in order to give light, in order to help others in whatever situation they are now. Likewise it operates both ways. The ideas of others which we absorb will definitely help us in any possible ways. And in this age of information where most of the ideas are abundant, this site I believed will deliver the right information that we need. And for my future plans, I am really on the turning point of finding my true calling. I would like to be in service to others, whether in teaching or spreading ideas freely to others. I like to make them aware that indeed life is beautiful.I am hoping my quest will be reach in the nearest future.
I just FB 'LIKEed' your blog great job.


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