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Just wanted to tell you about Building a Better Blog Community. Sorry - it is a long post because I need to first give you the background!

Last month I did Problogger's 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Challenge. Each day Darren (Problogger) assigned new tasks. Michelle Martin (Bamboo Blog) invited her readers to join her in the challenge. I decided to join Michelle because one of my goals is to help others so I should want to be a more effective blogger. I also believe that if you plan to use blog with students than you need to make time to learn as much as you can about blogging.

My friend Frances decided to join us, and then challenged me to the loser of the 31 Day Project had to buy the winner a kilo of chocolate. I thought this was a good idea and invited all bloggers of the World to join us in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog with the kilo of chocolate as the prize for the blogger who gained the most. This resulted in a community of 14 blogger (including a class of 8-9 year old school kids) undertaking the challenge together. Community members found that knowledge gain from the 31 Day Project was greater than working as individuals, because each individual sees a different perspective of the task - giving participants greater “food for thought!”. The winners were the Minilegends (8-9 year old students).

When the 31 Day Project ended, we decided to keep it going by setting up our own community at Ning, betterblog.ning.com. This group is open and we invite you to join. We'll be discussing blogging best practices and going through weekly challenges designed to help us continue to develop our blogs.


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ok, I'm all signed up. I have 3 blogs on the go at the moment, so it should be a useful community to be a part of.
Thanks for the heads up.
I love chocolate. hey who doesnt? :>) I am day 8, right here, right now.

What a great idea!!! I like that. 

I also like the idea of a challenge for professional development. Our district is switching from Edusoft Data to illuminate data next school year. A 31 day challenge getting then to try one new thing each day might be an awesome way to do it!


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