Share Your Thoughts About NYC Mandate Against Edublog URL in Email Signature

Hello Edublogger World Community!!!

As a few of you may know I've stirred things up a bit here in NYC because I was upset about the request to remove my Edublog url from my email signature. I'm hoping that reaction from this community may help reverse this decision which has potential to squash the voices of innovative educators everywhere. I invite you to add your voice to the conversation by commenting on my blog (tag/label: freedom of speech) or writing about this in your own blogs.

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Hello Edubloggers!

For those who have been following this issue, I wanted to update you on my new post.

The Creative Workaround and A Great Idea for Professional Email Si...
. In it you will find that I'm calling on you for support to add something to your professional email signature...your digital footprint ID. Who have you told Google that you are? Include it in your signature along with your blog url (if your employer will let you) and take a moment to add it to your blog listing at

Here is my new blog url-less signature.

Read the rest at my blog.



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