So, I'm tring to figure out if I'm using this network unfairly. My main goal in being here is to try and meet people so that I can expand my network to acquire more work. Is this wrong?

I blog and post entries on others blogs in order to develop a greater network for myself. Is it OK that I'm doing these things in the hopes of building a larger consulting business?

Please bear in mind that if I was only after money I would probably have become an investment banker or something along those lines. I also enjoy reading, writing, and thinking. I particularly enjoy thinking about education.

(By the way, for anybody who is interested I do curriculum development and professional development.)

I"m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Andrew Pass

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I guess it depends on the nature of your posts. If you are making thoughtful, constructive, useful responses, then I dont suppose your motives matter so much. If you hadnt written this post, would a reader be able to tell that you arent just a teacher participating in a forum that interests you? If the answer is no, I dont see a problem. if its yes...then maybe there are some issues?

I guess everyone here is hoping to get something out of it, as well as contribute - education, personal growth, classroom resources...whatever it might be.


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