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The meaning of revolution in education in Mexico

In Mexico, revolution in education meanings, policy, philosophy of education, culture, tradition, but many…


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Learning revolution in spanish

En el sigueinte link pueden opinar como será la educación disruptiva


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Activités interactives

Aujourd´hui je vous propose cette activité: Allez-y! et contactez avec moi pour trouver une solution à vos problèmes

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Activités interactives

Aujourd´hui je vous propose cette activité:
Allez-y! et contactez avec moi pour trouver une solution à vos problèmes.

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Bringing Parents into the Learning Partnership

A student’s performance is mostly impacted by three communities

  1. The School Learning Environment
  2. The Student’s Peer Community and their own beliefs about learning
  3. The Parental / Family Community

Schools tend to spend most of their time, money and energy working…


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Future of Education - Interactive YouTube Videos

As an industrial training company, we know the future of education will be interactive training videos. So we put together a new interactive youtube video course on "PLC Networking Basics" as an experiment.

[NOTE: PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller, a computer like device that controls all machines in all industries as well as all infrastructure, worldwide.] 


You can view at…


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Add a little humor to your class website with a Voki

Use Voki to create an Avatar for you or your class and embed the Voki into your website or blog.

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Create video and audio PowerPoint Presentations for your students with Knovio

Knovio allows teachers and business leaders toadd video and voice to common PowerPoint presentations and then be shared through email, your blog and website through embedding the presentation.

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Helping High School Students Catch Up on Credits

Originally Posted on Learning Outside the Lines

Estimates vary, but each year nearly a million students drop out of high school. One key reason is that students fall behind on credits and, once behind, they see little hope of catching up. So, keeping students from falling behind their peers is a significant challenge that impacts every high school in…


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Speak Up About How Technology Advances Education and Learning

Originally Published on Learning Outside The Lines

When an idea as innovative as online learning starts to gain traction in our school systems, it’s important that we take the time to study both how it is impacting the educational environment now and how we can continue to leverage it in the future.  In many cases, the…


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Sharing Ideas, Practices, Roadmaps and Worked Examples

As you may know (from all my blog posts here) we have been in the business of running pedagogical and leadership workshops that not only shift people's thinking but provide hands-on practical approaches to implement great learning practices and learning cultures within your school.

One of the great benefits of being a consultancy that works across school systems and many schools is that we see great ideas, practices and learning materials that we love sharing. In light of this every…


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Shefqet Avdush Emini CV & Publications


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PODCAST: Tom Vander Ark Discusses How Online Learning is Shaping the Educational Landscape

Originally Posted on Learning Outside the Lines

The educational landscape is continually being changed by new innovations in online learning.  Online learning solutions provide access to high-quality course materials, which can be administrated in a cost-effective manner.

For school districts looking to embrace online…


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Building Teacher Confidence and Intrinsic Motivation

Discovering the WHY

I am constantly inspired by the greatness of teachers and why they became teachers in the first place. In the process I go through when mentoring and coaching teachers I normally begin with finding out why they became teachers. For some they had family who were teachers and it seemed normal to do that. For others they played teacher with…


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Cost effective, modern alternative to Scantron

If your department needs to same money, please take a look at the alternative to using Scantron.


Todd Vatalaro

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