Hi, dear teachers! 


I am a student at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. I have started to work on my diploma thesis and I really think you can help me. Do not worry I will not ask you difficult questions ;-).


The aim of my thesis is to design the web application which could increase the motivation of students at our faculty (of Math, Physics and Informatics). I do not have an exact image of this application  but I believe you can help me to find it out.


So, try to imagine the application which includes blogs, wikis, where you can add some multimedia files.  What I would like to do is to think out some tool for evaluation of every student who will join to this app. For example - if Peter writes an article on his blog about anything, anyone (for example Jane) will be able to comment it, or give him some points. If Jane is an expert in topic Peter was writing about in his article, and Jane says it is "wonderful", Peter will get many more points that he would get from Mark, who also said it is "wonderful", but he, actually, never heard about this topic before (so he is an absolute beginner).

I also thought about something like achievements (known from many games on the web).


What I would like to hear from you are your ideas, maybe experience with applications like this, some useful links where I can find interesting information.


So - is there anyone who can help me? I will be really very thankful.. :) 

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Hi Veronica, if you are interested, we have a math game design group affiliated with Math Future network, which is in turn connected to this project (Teachers 2.0). 



My email is droujkova@gmail.com if you have any questions, or just want to talk about gamification. 

Hi Maria,


thanks for your answer. I browsed these sites but I actually did not find anything useful for my thesis. Did I miss something? Can you tell me what exactly should I see on these pages? 

It sounds like your looking for a place like http://www.Experts-Exchange.com, but for open school articles.


People post questions or articles, and other people will try to answer questions (for points) or review articles (awarding points to those that wrote the article)  People who have given more articles and successfully answered more questions get more points, and gain higher rankings.  However, it does not give more weight to the answers/approvals from people with more experience.  Typically the site is designed around being able to prove the correct answer, and it working for the poster.


The point system at Experts Exchange is a pretty motivating factor.  Motivating to the point that people will work to answer peoples questions to earn points to use them selves.  Also, the more points they earn, they get rankings, that are sort of like Certifications, but only specific to a general topic, like SQL, Architecture or Physics.  Still, I used their free system for years and found myself compelled to help people their. 


You might want to contact them to see if they have the ability to setup an isolated environment for you.


Also, Microsoft Sharepoint might be another solition (most students can get this for free, but it requires some one technical to administrate it).  People can post articles and review them from others.  Posting "Likes" indicates success, or posting responses to the articles that part of it is not correct, etc...  Separate Reports can be generated to show the Articles liked the most.  (plus you can easily add wiki's, forums, files, statuses, profiles, etc...) 


However, I don't know of anything that seems a perfect match for what you are looking for.  But it sounds this would be a great idea to build.



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