I've been teaching Game Development from 7th grade through college and even at a few companies like Wizards of the Coast.  I'm nearly done with my book now, and am getting a few reviewers.  

The book is geared towards freelance and Indie developers.  8th Grade to Adult.

It covers:

 - Game Design (design in general)

 - Team Management (focused on typical group of friends getting together to make a game)

 - Teaches Beginning C#

 - - Starting with the Console, then windows forms, then OOP.

 - Teaches how to build a complete game: (this game

 - - With AI, Physics, Graphics, Reactor Core and Descriptors.

 - - Architecture

 - Closes with a chapter on Releases and Bug Management, and then a chapter on Marketing, as most groups are missing.


 - I'd like to find some people to help me come up with a Syllabus for it for use in more restrictive/formal class rooms (I've got pretty free reign over my classes.)

 - Other Teacher's opinions on the book, types of things they would like to see.

Here is my latest article on it: http://learnbuildplay.blogspot.com/2012/11/play-test-in-progress.html

Here is a kick start project on it: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1667690760/completing-a-game-de...

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